It’s time to GET LUCKY!

“Hurrah!!!!! It has been a four year journey since we named and designed this awesome Lucky Cricket brand for the equally amazing Andrew Zimmern! Bravo to all of our folks at Replace for the brand work, the folks at Room 34 for this amazing site, the folks at Shea Architects for the awesome collaborative experience – and most importantly : thanks to Andrew and all of the folks at LC for being such awesome clients with boundless vision. This place is a real gift to the city. Enjoy! Now go get a big fruity Tiki Drink and some great food! Opening November 19!

Check out the website:

Check out the Case Study:

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Replace for Dean Phillips

When I do speaking gigs, designers often ask me some form of this question; “What the hell can I DO as a designer in world of civics and politics when it feels like I can’t do anything positive.” It’s a great question. For 25 years, I had a personal vow that I would never (ever) do design work for a political candidate. The whole political design scene always just left a bad taste in my mouth. On the flip side, I have loved creating design work for Gay Rights, Civil Rights, and Social Progressive causes since the late 1980’s. But the professional political design world always seemed like the third rail to me; as it does to many designers. Then my longtime friend, Dean Phillips, announced a year ago that he was going to run for 3rd district U.S. congressional seat from my great home state of Minnesota. I had known for years that Dean’s closest friends and advisors were advising him STRONGLY not to run for office. Probably for the same reason I don’t run for office. Probably the same reason YOU don’t run for office. It all just seems so horrible. People I have known for over 20 years were telling Dean flat out, “DON’T RUN, DEAN!” But Dean had another vision: and it’s a vision of joy, hospitality, tolerance, and progress with which I whole-heartedly agree. Dean took on the herculean job of running for the 3rd district.
So – I then asked myself that same question I often get at speaking gigs, “What can a designer do?” A designer can do what Dean did: Namely – a designer can get off the damn bench. That’s what a designer can do.
The day that Dean announced his candidacy, I emailed my friend and said to him, “Dean, I promised myself decades ago that I would never design for a political candidate. But if you want my hands, you have them.” Exactly one hour after sending Dean that email, he was sitting in my studio and we started designing together. In that ONE MEETING, we scoped out the plan to design his IH Metro delivery van we named it “The Government Repair Van”. Then we designed his Ice House. Then we designed his Pontoon Boat. We designed all that great, radical stuff together with his team. Dean understands the language of Minnesota both spoken and unspoken. And he understands that Minnesota is filled with both GREAT conservative progressives and GREAT liberal progressives. All of these people deserve a great design invitation. He understood what Minnesota, and the nation, really wants: We want Radical Hospitality from government. Most importantly for me – Dean understands the unique language of design. Last night, Dean Phillips won that 3rd district seat. This is a seat that has not had a Democratic Representative since 1961. For years I’ve been designing for civic engagement projects of all types. I founded The Poster Offensive, which was one of the inspirations for Art Crank, and Posters for Parks: Two greats civic-mined design shows to which I contribute regularly. I designed MN Invents and I launched Replace Everything as funding mechanisms for MN charities. All of this is awesome, but I see now that a lot of this work was simply not enough. My work with Dean Phillips has taught me a new lesson loud and clear. Designers need to get off the damn bench. THIS designer needs to get off the damn bench. Maybe you need to get off the damn bench too. Maybe.
My work for Dean has completely elevated my understanding as to what Design has to offer in the world of civic engagement and sanity for our political sphere. When the competition went LOW, we went VAN!, PONTOON BOAT, and ICE HOUSE. And trust me – the competition went very very low in this struggle. We did not go LOW – We went VAN! My hope is that more folks with passion, good hearts and great brains can see a similar path as the Dean Philips design path. My hope is the more dseigners get into this fight. It’s a fight worth winning.
Bravo Dean Phillips.
Bravo Design.
Bravo MN.
– Jeffrey K. Johnson
Replace Inc.
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South Norte on NBC!

Check it out! In an article looking at new trends in hispanic cuisine that was published on Oct. 26 by NBC San Diego, a brand called South Norte that was designed by Replace was featured alongside other craft beers. head to the NBC website to watch the video!

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New NOMI Testimonial!

In 2012, a group of high school friends walked into a community kitchen in Minneapolis with the goal of making a better granola bar. Sick of eating the same old stuff, they developed a recipe with oats and fruit that actually tasted like something they’d want to eat. Replace is honored to have worked hard on the brand identity and website for NOMI! Check out their testimonial!

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New Geek Squad Badges!

There is no equal to Geek Squad. Neither in the tech world – and in the trillion-dollar retail world writ large. That means something to me. It takes 18 months for an agent to earn a badge. There are now agents with over 20 years of service. That is unparalleled in the tech world We designed the new Geek Squad badge with that kind of loyalty in mind. The new Geek Squad badges have areas that honor 5,10,15, and 20 years of service and seniority. Within days of launching this new badge a couple weeks back, the agents themselves had spent tens of thousands of dollars of THIER OWN MONEY to purchase the badges that they are retroactively entitled to. The badges that reflect their seniority and years of service. They did not HAVE to to do this – They just did it because thy WANTED to do it. There is no bigger honor for a designer. None. I am humbled and deeply honored to have designed this brand and this badge.

Geek Squad

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Get to NOMI !!!

Replace is proud to announce the launch of Nomi Snacks! Simply Fresh. Preserved by Cold. Finally, a bar that’s made to eat, not sit on a shelf! It’s a nutritious snack with a fresh taste and soft texture.

For the past year, we have been lucky enough to have been working on the naming, brand design, illustration, packaging, and basically everything else of the Awesome Folks at Nomi!!! The new site just launched! Nomi Snacks are the HEALTHIEST and the MOST DELICIOUS snack bar you are ever going to find. Trust me on that one. Oats & Fruit! That’s it. In 2012, a group of high school friends walked into a community kitchen in Minneapolis with the goal of making a better granola bar. Sick of eating the same old stuff, they developed a recipe with oats and fruit that actually tasted like something they’d want to eat. Find nomi in the refrigerated section, the natural location for all things fresh. We don’t dry out our bars or add alarming chemicals to make them last forever because we think good food should be made to eat. We are EXTREMELY proud of this new work we have done for the great folks at NOMI !!!

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Bravo to our awesome client Minneapolis Cider Company on the announcement of the location of the new Cider House. Only a Cider THIS good deserved the name of the best city on the planet earth. Way to go! We were lucky enough to design this brand and help name this awesome new company. The Minneapolis Cider Company is excited to announce the location of their taproom and production facility in Northeast Minneapolis at 401 Harding Street NE, immediately off of East Hennepin Avenue.Additional details to follow in the coming weeks. Stay up-to-date with all the latest announcements by subscribing to the company newsletter and following Minneapolis Cider on social media.
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Hoorah!!! Today we get announce the launch of the new Geek Squad Badge we designed at Replace!!

It was two years ago EXACTLY when Replace was honored to design the updated Geek Squad Logo. That is a project of EXTREME HIGH reverence to all of the Replace design dorks. Today we get to announce the new Geek Squad Badge that was completely designed and Illustrated here at Replace. The Geek Squad Badge is an icon of protection, security, and technical prowess. Updating this cultural icon is a big big deal to us. We hope you love it. We sure love Geek Squad. Lots and Lots. Enjoy! – Jeff Johnson, Replace Inc.


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