Broders’ Case Study is here!

The Broders’ family came to Replace with a problem. Owning three different restaurant properties in the same area for over 3 decades, they needed a way to unify them all together while making sure each had it’s own unique flair.

We are very pleased to be able to show off the great work we did with Broders’ and we hope you like it just as much as we do.

Check it out now!

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It’s Always Time to Get Lucky!

It’s Always Time To Get Lucky!

We are soooooo stoked to show off the first Lucky Cricket branded property we designed with our awesome Friend and Client, Andrew Zimmern. Working with the Architecture and Design magicians at Shea Design, the design process for this property has been a studio highlight for all of us at a Replace. We are proud to to show off this awesome new property we branded for AZ. It has been a four-year journey since we first named and designed this brand for AZ. Many thanks to our friends and partners at Shea Design for their intense spirit of collaboration and art. And, of course, many thanks to the boss man, Andrew Zimmern for his amazing leadership and energy making this such a great experience. And we can’t forget HUGE thanks to Stephanie Rau and John Barber at Rau-Barber for the wondrous photos of this great space. Now turn off your computer or phone you are reading right now and get your buns to the AZLC bar for a big fruity Tiki Drink!

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Welcome to Santa Sumonica

We are VERY proud to show off our interior and exterior design work on the Great Sumo Dog brand. This work is for the new location in Santa Monica – what we named, “Santa Sumonica!” We have been lucky enough to design all the gear for Sumo Dog in years. The freshest ingredients and locally owned in CA. Don’t just go big – Go Sumo! Japanese inspired Hot Dogs. Trust me – they are the best dog you will ever taste. And thanks to Stephenie Pashkowsky for the great photos!!!
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Bravo Minneflowta!

All great things have to end – otherwise they would not be great. Bravo to long time friend and client John William King for this epic run with the All Hockey Hair team. I was lucky enough to design John’s “Game On MN” brand. As an artist – John did the impossible thing that only artists can do – he found beauty where no one had seen it before. And created a no-joke phenomena. The All Hockey Hair team made millions of yucks and made a lot of bucks for Disabled hockey support at the Hendrickson Foundation. Bravo to John for making our state the true state of Minneflowta. Long may you flow, John… Long may you flow…. And big props for having the COURAGE to go out with Cinderella. That’s pure magic.

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Nom Nom Nomi!!! at Expo West!

We are SOOOO proud of our clients and friends at Nomi for their awesome show at the mighty Expo West this week in CA. Replace was proud to name, design, and illustrate all the brand awesomeness with our clients for this very very awesome product. You simply cannot find a more nutritious or more delicious snack bar than Nomi. Go ahead and try… Believe me – we have tried too. Go get em Nomi!! Yoati the Yeti is in the house!!! – JJ@RPLC
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Shoutout to the Subversive Sirens!

Replace is proud to be a sponsor for the Subversive Sirens, a Minnesota (USA) based synchronized swimming team committed to black liberation, equity in swimming / aquatic arts, body positivity in athleticism, and queer visibility. They are about to take on the IGLA (International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics) Championships. We are happy and excited to be supporting them! Let’s go Subversive Sirens!!

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Replace is HONORED to have designed this awesome new hockey trophy for our awesome friends at the Hendrickson Foundation. The good folks at the Hendrickson foundation support special needs hockey for kids and for wounded warriors. They are the real deal. Designing this awesome trophy for them has been a joy. Big thanks to our lifelong friends at Partners and Hunt Creative Services for this amazing production on this trophy. And big love to the Hendrickson Foundation and our life long friends at Game On Minnesota!!

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AZ and the Lost City of Ophir!!

We are proud announce that our awesome client, Andrew Zimmern, has launched his first kids book, “AZ and the Lost City of Ophir!” Beautifully illustrated by Lisa Troutman. Replace was lucky enough to design the brand identity for this book and illustrate the cover art for the book and brand. I was lucky enough to speak with Lisa Troutman this past summer at the Minneapolis Institute of Art – she’s pretty rad Bravo to AZ for this great new book! It is such an honor to create this kind of educational materials for such great folks.
Check out the website:
Buy Here:
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