Bravo Dean Phillips!

On the Cover of the City Pages this week. Also – with a GREAT shot of the Touring Van we designed for him. In my 48 years, Dean is the first political candidate for which I have designed. This is no small thing – it’s not like I haven’t been asked. I first designed for Dean and his family back in 1993: An historical survey book for Phillips Distillery. Dean is my age, exactly. We didn’t know it at the time, but while I was scanning old Phillips Liquor labels on my Quadra 900, Dean was climbing the rafters of old Phillips warehouses to GET those labels for me. I am still proud to be designing with Dean. He is precisely what Minnesota needs right now. He’s already my Congressman of Awesome-town. – Jeff Johnson…/can-this-charming-liqu…/470779323

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Shoutout to the Minneapolis Parks Foundation!

The Holiday Hot Stuff Train for made another stop! The AWESOME folks at the Minnneapolis Parks Foundation have been STELLAR partners from way back when we first cooked up this great design solution to do greatness. They remain just as stellar. 50% of all of profits form #ReplaceEverything go to great MN charities like the MPLS Parks Foundations. Big thanks to sister Jennifer Downham for helping us be more awesome every day and for making great Parks for our great city. Big thanks to Dan Woychick at #LoveMplsParks for getting this whole darn ball of wax rolling from the get go. Go MPLS Parks!



Bravo Open Arms of Minnesota

Bravo Open Arms of Minnesota!! The Holiday gift train keeps on rolling. 50% of all profits from goes to great MN charities like Open Arms. These fine folks provide GREAT chef-made meals for the chronically ill. Today I helped debone about 60 delicious roasted chickens! It was honestly one of the most fun days of the year for me. Great people, Funk music playing nonstop and loads of laughs with the volunteers. Im coming back and Im bringing my posse next time. Happy Holidays Opens Arms!


Positive Vibes from the Replace Everything Universe

More positive Vibes and Happy Holidays from the universe. We just cut our first check to our great partners at the Center for the Victims of Torture. These folks do HERCULEAN work for the people that are healing from torture and victimization. And the best part is YOU gave them this funding from purchasing cool design products from Replace Everything. 50% of all profits go to CVT and 4 other great non profits. Big thanks to CVT and to brother Dan Woychick – the MPLS design dude that figured out the tech and the design weirdness that makes this initiative possible. Thanks Dan! And check out to see Dan’s stuff. He sells some of our gear there too – because he’s cool like that. Happy Holidays from the Replace folks!!!


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The Reverend Jeffrey K. Johnson on the new Tangents Podcast!

Brother Cory Loven nails it once again. The mighty design dork Podcast “Tangents” is back up and running. He was righteous enough to stop by the Replace studio last week and record this new episode for the debut of Season Two. Proud to be the Show. Long may the Tangent flow.

Listen Here:

Replace Everything:

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It’s a Hat Trick for Awesome Hockey Folks! We just cut our first Check to the great folks at The Hedrickson Foundation for Special Needs Hockey from!

I am sooooo proud to start this holiday season off by handing out our VERY FIRST check to the very awesome folks at The Hendrickson Foundation for Special Needs Hockey. These folks are the A-TEAM for getting our special needs brothers and sisters out on the ice and having a great time here in Minnesota, The State of Hockey. I was proud to meet, and become friends with Dan Hendrickson through my design work with Game On Minnesota. The great folks at Game On MN have been generous to the EXTREME in letting us use the artwork we designed for them on some of our products we sell at Replace Everything. 50% of all of the profits from Replace Everything go to 5 great charities. The Hendrickson Foundation just got their first check and that is 100% because of all of the folks that have been buying cool stuff from We are Pro-League grateful to ALL of the folks that have been buying gear, posting links and just spreading the good word. Have a GREAT Holiday season, my friends. It’s the Replace crew with the assist… but it is YOU great people that really make the goal! We are also so grateful to our friends and partners at The Hendrickson Foundation. Happy Thanksgiving! JJ

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Posters For Parks Show!

Come on down this Thursday, September 28, 2017 to the Lakes and Legends brewing Company to see some of our work as well as many other local artists and designers work inspired by Minneapolis Parks! Best of all, it’s free!

50% of all sales will be donated to People for Parks; 50% will go to the artists.

Right on!

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